How do Bookies Work?

How do Bookies Work
How do Bookies Work?

A bookie is someone that accepts wagers on various sporting events, and pays players when they win their wagers, and collects money from players when they lose their wagers. However to be a successful bookie in this day and age one would need to have a website for players to make wagers on.

Betting Options

The easiest way to have a professional-looking website with various betting options available for players to bet on would be to get set up with one of the top pay per head companies in the industry, which would be They offer bookies a fully inclusive service with one of their many website skins, where they put up thousands of sports betting options for players to bet on each day, with odds updated up to the second. In addition, they grade all wagers immediately after each game ends with balances being automatically updated into both the players’ and bookies’ accounts.

Ace manages all the technical aspects of bookmaking, which allows bookies to just focus on acquiring more players and collecting and paying customers when they win or lose. The amount of money you will make from being a bookie will be dependent on how many players you have betting with you and how much they bet per game and how frequently they bet per week.

Obviously the more players you have that bet with you, and the larger amounts they bet per game, and the more frequently they bet per week will mean more money they will lose in total and more money you will make from booking action. This is because people that bet on sports all lose over the long term, and the more volume someone bets in a given week will just increase the odds of them losing more money that week.

High Hold Percentage

Ace has a weekly average hold percentage of 14% compared to the industry average which is 5% per week. The hold percentage is just basically the percent that players lose based on the total volume amount that they wager, so a higher hold percentage just simply means players lose more money.

The reason Ace Per Head has a higher hold percentage compared to the industry average is that they have sharper lines that move up to the second and Ace has some very sharp players in their system that when they come in with a wager, the line is then moved immediately. In addition, Ace is very aggressive with moving the price on the juice or the vig, which often forces players to pay slightly higher amounts on certain wagers. Lastly, Ace has more betting options than the average book, and more betting options just keep players engage on the site and cause their betting volumes to increase.

So using a service such as Ace Per will allow bookies to maximize their profits from each player they have and also allow bookies to focus on growing their business. Growing one’s bookmaking business is as simple as just getting the word out there with anyone you may know. This is fun and easy and you will be surprised by how many people would like to wager on sports once you bring up the subject. Then you can also get referrals for new clients from your current players, which will also help to grow your bookmaking business even more quickly.

So give Ace Per Head a call today at 1-800-909-5193 to get your bookie business working today.