Are Bookies Illegal in the US?

Are Bookies Illegal in US?
Are Bookies Illegal in the US?

The question of whether or not bookies are illegal in the USA has changed over the last year, because this used to be a hard no that bookies were illegal, however now with the United States recent law changes that allow each state to determine if they want gambling to be illegal in their specific state, the answer is not always a no. So the legality of being a bookie will now be determined based on what state you live and operate in.

Follow the Law

Even if you are lucky to be living in one of the states that it is legal to gamble and operate a gambling business, it still would be wise to contact your local attorney to make sure you are following the laws of your state correctly. Just because a state may allow gambling and bookmaking, doesn’t always mean you can just start a bookie business overnight, because there might be certain licenses that you may need in order to operate legally. However again each state has its own specific rules and laws about this, so even if two states allow legal bookmaking it does not mean that both states have the same laws in regards to bookmaking.

In addition, the laws are constantly changing for each state and even though a specific state maybe be illegal now for gambling and booking action, they may have plans in the near future to change the laws and allow legal gambling. So again the best course of action is to always check with your local attorney who can help assist you with your specific state’s laws and regulations on gambling and being a bookie.

Now if you are located in one of the lucky states where being a bookie is legal then the next step would be to get set up with your own professional sportsbook website. These sites can quickly and easily be set up by getting started with one of the various pay per head companies. These companies allow people to start their own bookie service at a very affordable price, and provide a fully inclusive website with thousands of sports betting options to offer players each and every day.

A PPH Site is your Best Ally

The beauty of using a pay per head site is that they post all the lines for each sporting event each day, and update the odds on each event 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. They handle all the ins and outs and technical stuff in regards to bookmaking, which makes it easy for just about anyone to become an agent and book action on sports.

This means that you as the bookie do not even need to know much about sports or gambling, however, the more you know the better, in order to be a successful bookie. Instead, all you need to know as the bookie is just people that want to gamble. This is easily done by using word of mouth and speaking to all friends, members of your family, people from your work, classmates, social media friends and acquaintances and asking if they would like to gamble.

Once you start getting the word out, you will be surprised by how many people actually do have an interest in making wagers. Then the sky is the limit, with the more people you have making wagers with you the more money you will end up earning over the long term. So check with your local attorney and see if sports gambling and booking action is legal in your state and if it is getting set up with the best pay per head site today:, so you can start earning money as a bookie.