How the Right Pay-Per-Head Software Helps Your Bookie Strategy

Pay-Per-Head Software

Software can do the hard work for you when it comes to figuring out odds and lines for your sports betting business. However, the better the software, the more you can profit. The global sports betting market is growing. It’s establishing a deep hold in the gaming industry. Now, a growing number of entrepreneurs are … Continue reading How the Right Pay-Per-Head Software Helps Your Bookie Strategy

How to Create a Betting Site?

Create a Betting Site

We are living in unprecedented times with most states within the U.S. have legalized some form of online betting sites. The initial legalization of a betting site may come as a shock to some, but informal forms such as fantasy sports have been around for decades. This new trend sweeping the country has caused sports betting sites … Continue reading How to Create a Betting Site?

Ace Referral Promo

Ace Per Head Referral Promo

Ace Per Head is always adding different types of promos for their customers. All customers are obviously not the same so Ace Per Head likes to give their customer base various options to choose from, so each customer can choose the best promotion that fits their specific needs.  Ace offers various different free week options, … Continue reading Ace Referral Promo

Sports Betting Business Plan

Sports Betting Business Plan

If you are looking to set up a sports betting business then the best way to be profitable and successful in the sportsbook business it to become a bookie and book action for people that want to bet. People who gamble always lose money over the long term, which is why the people that are … Continue reading Sports Betting Business Plan

Becoming a Sports Bookmaker

Becoming a Sports Bookmaker

A growing number of states and regions are legalizing online sports betting. As a result, it’s a great time to get into the sports bookmaking business. Accordingly, you might wonder about how to become a bookie. You may also hear someone call a sports bookmaker a bookie. A bookie is a person that takes gambling bets. … Continue reading Becoming a Sports Bookmaker

Can Bookies Operate Legally in the USA?

Are Bookies Illegal in USA?

For just about as long as human society has had the leisure time to take part in sports, then there have been people looking to wager on the outcome of sporting events. Whether we are talking about the early Olympic Games, in Athens, or the gladiator fights and the chariot races in Rome, the wagering … Continue reading Can Bookies Operate Legally in the USA?

Sports Betting Platform Tips

Sports Betting Platform Tips

Did you know that finding a good sports betting platform is crucial if you want to make money? Many people are getting involved with sports betting because of how much money can be made. Unfortunately, many bookies end up investing in software that doesn’t come with many features. Because of this, they can’t offer much … Continue reading Sports Betting Platform Tips

Baseball Betting Software

Baseball Betting Software

One thing that the younger generation of sports fans often does not like about baseball is the comparatively slow pace of play. It is hard to get through a nine-inning Major League Baseball game in under three hours nowadays, and the commissioner has implemented several new rules in recent years to speed games up, such … Continue reading Baseball Betting Software

Most Profitable Sports Betting Strategy

Sports Betting Strategy

In 2020, sports gamblers bet $6 billion in New Jersey alone. That’s an incredible number considering all major professional sports leagues ceased playing for three months. Sports betting is a popular activity that will only grow more popular as legalization spreads and more people play online. Laying action on a game increases interest and enjoyment. The rush … Continue reading Most Profitable Sports Betting Strategy

Ace Now Offering a Live Dealer Casino Option!

Live Dealer Casino Software has been a premium service in the pay-per-head industry for many years now.  Not only do they have some of the sharpest lines in the industry with an average weekly hold percentage of 14% compared to the industry average, and more overall betting options than other services, but they are constantly adding new features … Continue reading Ace Now Offering a Live Dealer Casino Option!

A Quick Look at Bookmaking as a Profession

Bookie Meaning

If you are thinking about moving to a full-time career as a bookie, or bookmaker, then you are joining one of the oldest professions in the world. The first written record of bookmaking dates all the way back to ancient Rome when people gathered to put down bets on chariot races, gladiatorial bouts, and other … Continue reading A Quick Look at Bookmaking as a Profession

How to Find the Right Bookie Platform?

Bookie Platform

Now that sports betting is legal in many states, people realize how popular this activity always was. Huge, record-breaking handles in every state prove that sports gambling is not a fad, but here to stay. Americans love action. You know that the way to make real money in sports gambling is to be on the other side … Continue reading How to Find the Right Bookie Platform?