Is the Cheapest PPH the Best One for You?

Cheapest Pay Per Head Services
Is the Cheapest PPH the Best One for You?

When you are just starting out in the sportsbook industry, you want to keep your margins as wide as possible. This means keeping overhead as low as possible and funneling revenue into marketing and other ways to build your clientele.

You certainly don’t want to have to fork out a lot of your money each week to a pricey pay per head service, right? However, the cheapest pay per head service is not always the best one – but it is also not always the worst one. Take a look at some factors you should keep in mind as you decide which site should manage your sportsbook business for you.

Walking the Fine Line Between Satisfaction and Price Point

Most pay per head services will offer different tiers of service to the sportsbook owners that they provide work for. The bottom level is almost always called the “basic” level and provides the absolute minimum that you would need to operate your book with them. This consists of the backend software, which provides the system that your bettors will use to find their games or matches of the week. On your end, you’ll see how the numbers are working, and you can make all the changes you need – loading new games, matches or props; adjusting lines when necessary; shutting down accounts for clients who are no longer active, so you do not get billed for having them; and so on. This “basic” level will be mobile-friendly so that your bettors can water on their smartphones; even the cheapest pay per head services claim to provide this.

For most new sportsbooks, this basic level of service is all you need. However, “basic” can vary widely from one provider to the next. The variance does not necessarily come in the services that are provided. Instead, the variance comes in quality. How does the website look? How easy is it to navigate? Does it crash frequently? Do the production values come from 1970s television, or does it read like a state-of-the-art website? These are questions that you need to answer.

Remember that You Get What You Pay for

If you have ever subscribed to emails from such discount companies as Groupon or LivingSocial, then you know that you can get terrific offers that seem too good to be true. You know your mother would love a bracelet for Mother’s Day, and then you see a bracelet on a discount website listed at 90% off retail. You order the bracelet, and then it comes in two weeks later than you thought, and the clasp breaks the first time your mother finally puts the bracelet on.

So that picture of the bracelet, which looked so enticing, has little to do with the actual experience that showed up. This is just one example of the maxim that “you get what you pay for.” If you are looking for the cheapest pay per head service, go in with a list of non-negotiables – features that you insist that your website provides.

Near the top of this list of features will be information security and privacy. People will be making payments into this website; some may link their bank accounts or debit or credit cards, and if you have to report a hack to your client base, that base will dwindle to zero by the close of business.

Another important feature is quality customer service. Look up reviews of a pay per head service before you sign a contract; just because a company offers the cheapest pay per head management available does not mean that they have the best service. Your players (and potential new players) will read the reviews too, and if your book is set up on a website that offers shoddy service, either to the bettor or to the bookie, you will have a harder time growing your business.

How Long Has the Website Been Up and Running?

Some startups are fine – but you want an established service if you want your betting clients to trust you. Finally, consider the extra services that you want. Do you want to add access to virtual casino gambling? How about virtual sports and eSports? During the summer, there is often a lull in professional sports that these options could occupy. Your costs might go up a small amount, but you also might get a boost in traffic and business that would more than cover the added expenses.

Before you sign any contractual paperwork, as for a free trial. It might run for a week; it might run for a month, or even longer. This gives you time to “kick the tires” as you evaluate whether the “cheapest pay per head” service you selected really is the right one. If a service will not offer you a trial period, then move on to the next competitor. You are making a significant decision when you choose a pay per head software, and you want to choose the right one. If you have to move your action from one provider to other multiple times, you may lose clients who are tired of having to keep up with your latest changes. Notify your clients that you’re moving online and that you are going through a trial period; after that, move it if you need to, but pick carefully. All of this is to say, do not throw all of your eggs in one basket just because the pay per head cost of that particular provider is lower than the competition.

Reputable pay per head sites like, know their worth and set their pricing accordingly. If one company with negligible reviews offers basic service at half the price of the rest of the competition, you might save money in the short term but you will lose business – and money – over the long haul. The difference is not worth it. Instead, choose the service that offers you value – and the utmost in quality.