Start a Bookie Business

Start My Own Bookie Business
Start a Bookie Business

If you are looking to start your own bookie business then the good news is that it is very simple. Gone are the days where a bookie needs to do everything on his own such as make lines, receive bets from his players through phone or text, and then grade and keep track of all wagers. Instead, anyone can start their own bookie business in a matter of minutes, by signing up with a price per head company.

These companies, provide a service to bookies, where they are the ones that handle all the work in terms of creating and maintaining lines, and grading wagers and keeping track of figures. The way this service works is that they provide agents or bookies with a fully functional sportsbook website where their players will each have their own unique user id and passwords and then can place wagers from a computer or just right from their mobile smartphone.

Wager Type Options

PPH companies over thousands of sports betting options for players to bet on each day, along with various wager type options such as straight bets, parlays, teasers, round robins, reverses, if win or tie bets, and live bets. This is obviously more than any paper and pen bookie could ever offer to their players.

In addition, each bookie will also have his own unique id and password so he can log into the backend of the site as an administrator and have full control over the limits and settings of each player. Also, there are numerous different reports that bookies can take advantage of to see open and graded wagers, exposure on each specific game, option to move lines, process player payments, in-depth player analysis by sport and wager type for each player and more. These are all helpful to get a better idea of what your players are betting and how to make changes to help increase profits even more.

One of the best pay per head providers in the current industry is and they can literally have you set up as a bookie on their website with just a 5-minute phone call. Then all you need to do is just start adding players to your account and your new website and the sky is the limit with how much money you can make with your own bookie business.

Get Promos:

Also, the great thing about Ace, is they have multiple different start-up promotions that a new bookie can take advantage of. For example, they have a 1 week free, 4 weeks free or 6-week free promo that is just based on how much money is deposited initially, and they have a bitcoin promo that entitles bookies to a 20% discount in price, a free customized website promo, and a 50% off for the first 5-week promo. Depending on the size of your bookie business or just your specific situation you can choose which promo works best for you, but having multiple options is always a good thing.

So give Ace Per a call today at 1-800-909-5193 and get set up in minutes and also take advantage of one of their many different start-up promotions.