5 WAYS your current per head site
is costing you MONEY

1 Down time at Game time

On Sundays pay per head sites go down, because they do not have enough server capacity or they crash from DDoS attacks. The number one complaint that causes customers to join our site is that their old site went down, which cost them sub-agents and players. In addition to frustrating everyone involved, there is a significant potential loss in money, since many of the missed wagers would have lost! 50% of all action for a Sunday NFL game comes in an hour before the game goes off.

Ace Per Head has a team of engineers that are constantly monitoring our server performance. Our custom cloud scales quickly, and currently runs at under 10% load at our busiest time of the week. Additionally, Ace employs a global security network with servers in more than 60 countries, which monitors all incoming traffic and blocks DDoS attacks.

2 Missing the Mobile Traffic

With the explosion of the smart phone market an important shift has occurred: up to 75% of players are using their mobile devices (phones and tablets) to make all their wagers on Saturday and Sunday. Furthermore, players lose (on average) 15% more money when they can bet on their mobile device. Why? Because it is easier and faster to play on a whim, and to chase.

Unlike many pay per head sites, we designed all of our features to work well on ALL devices. This allows players to bet 24 hours a day from anywhere, which means more bets on your books, and more money for you to collect. If your current site is not properly mobile-optimized, you are losing money.

3 Line and Grading Errors

There are thousands of wagers that are offered and graded each day, and some pay per head sites are constantly putting up bad lines or grading things incorrectly. No matter how carefully you are watching your sheet, you probably don't have the time to check every prop and foreign game and overnight tennis match. Players do not report bad grades that let them win. Uncaught mistakes could be costing you thousands.

Ace Per Head has a 24-hour lines team divied into several departments with specialites such as importing, grading, props, and live betting. Each department cross checks lines and graded wagers multiple times per day, to prevent any type of line or grading error.

4 Limited Betting Options

Some pay per head sites only have the 4 major sports, or an extremely limited amount of betting options. In the sports betting world when you have more betting options, your players will place more wagers. This is especially true of live betting, the fastest growing and most popular betting feature for younger gamblers.

Ace Per Head has a fully loaded board, with daily and weekly props and an extensive VIP live betting platform, and if there is something that we do not have, we will be more than happy to add it for you. All these options means more potential revenue for you. Stop missing out!

5 Nobody Watching for Sharps

In the world of gambling the house wins most of the time, however there are sharp players lurking out there that get lines before they move, and have inside information on sharp plays and specific props. These types of players have an edge over a local bookie, and can cost them a lot of money.

Ace Per Head runs daily reports on sharp wagers, and will immediately notify an agent if their player is putting in this type of action. Ace Per Head also watches out for suspicious betting styles, and similar ip addresses playing on multiple accounts, and notifies agents immediately. Other sites don't offer this service, which means you are losing money.

Trusted Brand

The AcePerHead.com reputation speaks for itself, and we have been featured on many industry leading sites and forums. In addition to getting featured on many sites, we connect with 3rd parties to setup affiliate partnerships. Make money while we do the work! Click below to learn more.


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